The Initial Concept

Why did I initially decide to do a show, and why about frugality?

Years ago, I stumbled across Mr. Money Mustache (hereafter MMM), who had a really fun way of looking at finances. His writing was entertaining, and he actually made saving fun. He also came up with Mustachianism, which has since become quite an interesting and fun movement. At its most basic, Mustachianism is all about separating the idea of stuff from the idea of happiness, and mindful consumption. It took a bit of a paradigm shift, but I wound up really liking that state of mind. It’s something that is challenging, useful, and fun. So even though MMM doesn’t need my help to get the word out, it is something that I am passionate about. I’ve been very involved in the community that has been created around this, and met amazing people. We take all kinds, and everyone is so different, and take different paths, there is something applicable to everyone. Why not provide something for the masses?

As far as why a show, this one is easy. I am a huge fan of Google. The technology is amazing, the tools provided for free are great, and the collaborative options blow me away. So when Google started hangouts, and specifically, Hangouts On Air, I decided…why the hell not? Let’s do this. The format seems to be appreciated, and I haven’t seen anyone do it for Mustachianism yet.

With the reboot of the show, I’m starting at the most basic tenets, the concepts, and a way of making it easy to understand and accessible. And since my goal is to provide an insight into the journey of creating an online presence (in a cost effective manner), every step will be documented here. This should also be enough motivation for me to actually do the episodes.

I’ll get these linked in the sidebar, but for now, here are some places to keep an eye on.

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