The enemy of good

I mentioned before that I have a tendency to let perfect be the enemy of good. This site is part of overcoming that.

Let’s take a moment to break down the different action items that I’ve previously let give me an excuse to not continue the show.

  • Static Branding – Images will be created in GIMP most likely
  • Guests/Topics – Mustachian community, research
  • Live broadcast – equipment, accounts, format
  • Pre Recorded segments – Mustachian Meals, Mustachian Mobility, ABA
  • Video editing – blender, gopro studio, gopro camera
  • Opinion/fact – the balancing act
  • Website – categories, SEO, spam filters, reCaptcha, organizational structure
  • Time/writing – how long to spend writing, how often should I do blog posts? Priorities?

I was initially going to polish this up a bit before posting, but then I realized how silly it was, given the title. Plus, I don’t know what I don’t know, so feel free to comment with suggestions if there is something I missed. The banner at the top of the page was built in GIMP in about 5 minutes (it will get changed and cleaned up at some point) using this youtube video for guidance. I also may wind up watching this video for additional ideas and techniques. For the font, I started with Abaddon, and transformed it a little bit.

I did decide a bit on the organization structure, where I have a general Show Info category, along with a parent category of Show Segments, with the different segments having their own category. I’ll probably change the parent category to just Show, so I have a place to post the main episode, and then use the subcategories for the individual segments.

Anyhow, I hope you all have great holidays. I’ll be back with more stuff soon.

2 responses on “The enemy of good

    1. Jordan Post author

      That’s a good question. Mostly, it was initially chosen as a name because I really like alliteration, and while I commonly try to get people to say they caught FIRE, the hunger games movie came out as we started it, so Catching FIRE wasn’t an honest option.

      I don’t actually know how involved you are in the early retirement scene, so forgive me if I mention some super basic stuff, I’m not trying to be condescending.
      So FIRE is Financially Independent Retired Early. It’s a common term throughout the communities, and one that becomes an overarching destination for people. However, with the people I’ve discussed, sometimes catching FIRE doesn’t wind up being the end goal, but it was the catalyst. Also, even though I haven’t technically caught FIRE yet, I’ve taken enough steps in that direction to see that the very basic idea of Frugality can be an all encompassing concept that helps people reach that goal (or at least give them the option).

      Looking again at your question, I realize I have a pretty good idea as to what informing the brand means, but I’m not positive. Most of the branding stuff is more of the technical aspects of it all. I certainly have ideas for everything, but doing it myself (and shining a light on what that involves) is the challenging bit. It’s easy to say that for my banner, or for the specific text, I think that it would be perfect to have the show name in some fire-ey text. But executing that…

      And don’t even get me started on the video editing stuff. I’m a software engineer. When it comes to code, I am damn good. When it comes to visual stuff, I can put forth some great and pleasing ideas. When it comes to building the visual stuff…I suck. 🙂

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