Profiles in Prosperity

I’ve seen it happen more than I’d care to admit. It starts innocently enough.

Maybe it was around this time of year, and you just found out you owe some money to the IRS. You Google around and stumble across Jeremy’s Never Pay Taxes Again post, and it makes sense. You dig a bit deeper and get a glimpse into the life he and Winnie created.

Or maybe throughout the course of your day, you saw the Business Insider article talking about how Joe and Ali from Adventuring Along are travelling the world after retiring from being teachers.

Perhaps you were checking out your market returns, or researching a company, and you found this Fiscal Times article about the Everyday Millionaire.

I have to admit, it’s a bit tempting to just go through the list of different ways one may stumble onto the idea of Catching FIRE, but that’s not what this post is about. No matter how it starts, that start usually ends with a bit of tingling excitement. These people can do this, I can too!!

You start tracking your spending, you identify some low hanging fruit, and start making changes that are having a noticeable impact on the bottom line. Maybe you started biking to work, or cooking delicious meals to bring in for lunch instead of over-priced and under-delicious restaurant food. You are proud of these changes, but there is some pushback from co-workers, friends, family. When all you want is a bit of support, it may not be immediately apparent. You can always find like minded folks on facebook (if someone has a link to some facebook group, please comment below), Google +, or you pull out the big guns, and join the Mustachian Forums. Those are all great options, and you will find yourself challenged.

But what if all you want is some motivation? What if you just want to see what people are doing who are in a similar boat to you?

Have no fear! I am here! Or more appropriately, I’m creating a place in the show to celebrate those who are at different stages of catching FIRE. Maybe one is just starting out, and is super stoked about riding their bike for the first time, or they just found a great deal on something, or found a more efficient way of doing something. Or maybe one has already caught FIRE, and got to ride elephants in Thailand, or are homesteading in Milwaukee. That is why I am happy to announce my new segment, Profiles in Prosperity. A short 3 – 10 minute video featuring awesome people like you. I hope to have the first one included in the episode that will air next week, but it may be the one after that.

So are you interested in being featured? Is there someone you’d specifically like to see? Comment below!! And if you are providing contact information, don’t post it in the comments, but use the contact form so it’s not out in the public. I look forward to hearing from you!


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