Episode 001 – Foundation

Well, it took a bit more time than I wanted, and I almost delayed, but the first episode of Frugal FIRE is up and ready for you to start providing feedback. (Note: That was an awful auto-thumbnail. So awful, I’m keeping it.)

I’m not going to go so far as to say that yelling at your <<device you are watching on>> is going to be helpful, but this show is somewhat unique in that the content and show is very much shaped by your direct feedback. So how can you provide feedback? Continue reading Episode 001 – Foundation

An Introduction to Stuff & Things

I was spending a bit of time thinking about the concept of reviews and products here. It’s a bit of a tough situation, because a big part of my particular flavor of frugality is minimalism, so stuff is something I try to avoid. However, I know that stuff can be helpful, and stuff does not necessarily mean being a mindless consumer. I am of the idea that anything one buys needs to have a purpose at which it excels, and it needs to last. Reducing waste is a personal goal of mine, and part of that is avoiding low quality stuff that fails us. I am going to have another post that discusses, in detail, the underlying philosophy that will guide products and services as they relate to this site, and to this show. Continue reading An Introduction to Stuff & Things

Episode 1 – hurdles & shortcuts

My goal was to have Episode 1 done by the end of January. That obviously didn’t happen. The learning curve on blender (and 3D video editing in general) is way too sweep for me to do it in a timely fashion. So I decided to go with a template. Here is the end result that will be used until I come up with something better.

Continue reading Episode 1 – hurdles & shortcuts

What motivated me?

One of the cornerstone ideas of Mustachianism is that at it’s most basic, it can be embraced by anyone, in any situation. I’ve interacted with all kinds of people, from all walks of life. That provides a unique challenge, and a unique opportunity with this show, and with this blog. Based on a poll that MMM did, it seems that Engineers of one kind or another make up the largest group of Mustachians. This is usually the kind of occupation that pays well, and seeing as how MMM (who started the “Mustachian Movement”) was also an engineer, some of the specifics are subconsciously targeted to those people. So with this show, my goal is to reach a much wider audience, in a format that is somewhat unique in the Early Retirement community. Continue reading What motivated me?

Monetization & Transparency

Even though I spend a large portion of my social life (online and otherwise) discussing money, I am still aware of the societal stigma attached to being super open about finances. However, societal expectations aren’t something that have regular stopped me from doing something, and I’m not starting now.

To begin with, no matter what happens as a result of monetization on this site (or any of my other ones), I’m not doing this for money. That will never be the goal. If anything, it will be a side-effect. GoCurryCracker writes about money made from their blog as Accidental Income. They write to provide knowledge, and because they like it. Simply, that is similar to why I am doing this. A more detailed post regarding my motivation is available here. Continue reading Monetization & Transparency