Episode 1 – hurdles & shortcuts

My goal was to have Episode 1 done by the end of January. That obviously didn’t happen. The learning curve on blender (and 3D video editing in general) is way too sweep for me to do it in a timely fashion. So I decided to go with a template. Here is the end result that will be used until I come up with something better.

I remembered that there are specific youtube channels specifically dedicated to title sequences in blender, that you can download and modify. I used the Blender Intro Templates search term, and eventually settled on #96 as my base from this video from iFresHD. I changed the colors, removed the shaking stuff, and deleted the audio track. Good enough for now. I will hopefully get some time to post the specific changes I made in a walkthrough. It certainly won’t be a tutorial, as I’m stumbling through this still.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think about it. I will have some live broadcast tests tomorrow, and assuming it works, I will schedule the live version (probably Wednesday of next week), and it will be an awesome and hopefully entertaining introduction to the idea. It will be a more in depth version of MMM’s Shockingly Simple Math post, and in video form. The goal of this particular episode is not to convince anyone of anything, it’s just a seed. Hopefully people will realize that catching FIRE is indeed possible. Of course, getting people to watch the next episode would be cool too. Feel free to provide feedback here, or on the youtube channel, or just tune in to the episode when it airs.

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    1. Jordan Post author

      Oh man, good catch. I reorganized my YouTube channels, and deleted this video. I’ll edit the post and add version 2. I wound up using what was here in Episode 001, but changed it by Episode 002.

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