Episode 001 – Foundation

Well, it took a bit more time than I wanted, and I almost delayed, but the first episode of Frugal FIRE is up and ready for you to start providing feedback. (Note: That was an awful auto-thumbnail. So awful, I’m keeping it.)

I’m not going to go so far as to say that yelling at your <<device you are watching on>> is going to be helpful, but this show is somewhat unique in that the content and show is very much shaped by your direct feedback. So how can you provide feedback?

This episode’s challenge: Track every penny you spend until the next episode. Income and expenses.

Resources mentioned (none of these are affiliate links):


Considering that this show isn’t ridiculously popular as of yet, and I’m still a one-person shop, I will suck it up, and actually read the YouTube comments for this episode, comments on each episode post (like this one), and if you have something else, you can always reach me via the Contact Us page (“Us”, at this time, is me, myself, and I – but you know…scalability).

So let your voice be heard! Thank you for participating and watching.

What did you like about this episode? What did you dislike about this episode? What do you want to see next time? What other suggestions do you have? Any technical difficulties?

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