An Introduction to Stuff & Things

I was spending a bit of time thinking about the concept of reviews and products here. It’s a bit of a tough situation, because a big part of my particular flavor of frugality is minimalism, so stuff is something I try to avoid. However, I know that stuff can be helpful, and stuff does not necessarily mean being a mindless consumer. I am of the idea that anything one buys needs to have a purpose at which it excels, and it needs to last. Reducing waste is a personal goal of mine, and part of that is avoiding low quality stuff that fails us. I am going to have another post that discusses, in detail, the underlying philosophy that will guide products and services as they relate to this site, and to this show.Since I am also a fan of the zombie culture (it really is fun), I decided to modify my review process. My initial posts on the matter weren’t focused on the process, so much as how I could transparently monetize affiliate links. Now, there is going to be a clear split between physical stuff, and services (things).

In this manner, I hope to have a place where I can point viewers and readers to useful products and services, but in a manner that doesn’t force things down your throat.

Also, I do know that so much of what has been going on here has been about getting a show up and running, and not a lot of actual content related to Catching FIRE. That is part of my idea of what this site is, but as things stabilize, I envision the focus shifting to more content, and less “This is what I’m doing to make this show”. Stabilization does not mean stagnation, so this type of post is going to stay here, but hopefully it won’t be as prevalent as it is here at the start.

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